How to embed YouTube videos in WordPress posts and pages

Embedding YouTube videos in a WordPress post or page is super simple. All you need to do is paste the video URL into the content area and make sure that the URL is on it’s own line and not clickable (hyperlinked).

Here are the step-by-step instructions to embed a YouTube video in WordPress.

  1. Find the video on YouTube that you want to embed into your page or post in WordPress. For this demonstration, I’m going to use a video of Danny Macaskill doing amazing things on a bicycle.
  2. Click the “Embed” button below the video in YouTube and copy the link to the video that appears. The URL will look something like this “”. The “X’s” will be the ID of the video.
  3. In your WordPress post or page, paste the URL on it’s own line and don’t make it clickable (hyperlinked). Like these three lines below:


It’s just that easy. You don’t need to grab the full embed code from YouTube or anything else. WordPress takes care of all of that for you. Just to show you, I’ve pasted an embed URL below from YouTube of Danny Macaskill and the crazy stunts he can do on a bike. You should be able to play the video right here on the website.

As you can see that worked!

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