Website Makeovers

A lot of website owners make the common mistake of believing their website is done following the design of their new website or the redesign (makeover) of their current website. Websites are never done. They are only abandoned.

Whenever a website owner (whether it be a business, association, charity, etc.) makes the decision to create a new site or redesign an existing site, they take considerable time working with a designer and/or developer to come up with a great design and, hopefully, great content. They spend a lot of money to accomplish this and, once it’s done, they abandon it for a few years without updating it or adding new content. After a few years, the owners realize their site’s content and design is out-of-date and needs a redesign which will end up costing them again. In other words, a revolution every 3 to 5 years. Sometimes a revolution is good, but can you imagine a country having one that often?

Website owners should start realizing it’s best to have their website evolve over time by keeping their content and design fresh. Instead of forgetting about your site once the initial design is complete, work with your designer/developer to keep it fresh and interesting on a weekly or monthly basis. Over time, you will find that evolution will save you money and bring more regular visitors to your site than a revolution will.

Just like our clothes and our hair, websites can go out of style. Technology moves so fast that a website can go out of style faster than acid-wash jeans, members only jackets, leg warmers and parachute pants. Websites can even get too fat, necessitating a diet. If you allow your site to get to this point, it will need a makeover and/or a workout regimen. Website owners need to work with their designers who will makeover their site and then work as their “personal trainer” and “fashion consultant” to keep their site in shape and looking fabulous.

Talk to us at Hurricane Web Design Ltd. – Web design in Vancouver –  for a free consultation on a new design or makeover of your current website. We’d be more than happy to show you how evolution, not revolution, can benefit your business.