How to Get Your First Job Using Social Media

So, you are a graduate and a bit worried about how you can land your first job? Well, Social media can be one of the options that can help you land to your first job.

As we all know Social Media in today’s world is very important to communicate and one of the best means of networking. It is just right to say that social media plays a vital role in the search for a job today.

What Social Networking Sites Do For You?

Social Networking websites are a new trend and an easy way to represent your personality and give you the opportunity to learn about job openings. By following companies and other recruiting experts, you get to know what you have to do to stand out, what are the current trends in the market you are interested and also the things that you can polish in your personality to get the job you want. These things surely help you to climb up the ladder and position yourself for new opportunities.

Social Media for Employers

Employers today need to have a glimpse at who you are beyond the confines of your resume, your cover letter or interview, so they use websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, etc. These websites not only help the employers but also give the job seekers a chance to find out more about the companies they’re interested in. Social media allows candidates to connect to the companies and among other things, learn about new job openings.
Experts say that it is not just important to be on social media, but to present yourself positively is also an important part. Because hiring managers do look at your social media profiles before making any further decisions, you must create your profile that gives the positive yet convincing image of you.

What does Research say About This Trend?

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According to a survey report, 73 percent of employers have enlisted candidates through social media, and also that 93 percent of recruiters’ reviews candidate’s social media profile before hiring them. From these figures, you can have the idea of how much great an updated social media profile is for your job search. And with this popularity of social media, one should fully take advantage of its power in searching a new job.

Tips to Use Social Media for Job Seekers

Understanding this importance and popularity of social media, here are some tips you can use to stand out in this over-crowded graduates market and land to your first job.

Complete Social Media Profile:

Accurately complete your social media account like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc. Fill out every field very accurately to make an account. Describe and represent yourself in a way that can stand you out. Incomplete LinkedIn profiles will lower your chance of acceptance for the job you are applying. Make your profiles strong enough to attract recruiters.

Matchup Your Profile:

Make sure the profile you make on social media matches up the profile on your resume. Differences in profiles may confuse the recruiter and may become the number one reason for recruiters to reject you.

Showcase your Work:

Don’t ever hesitate to showcase your work, any experience you have, your achievements, any training you’ve attended post all these things to stand out from the crowd. These are the best ways to distinguish yourself and tell the recruiters what you have to offer.

Follow the Companies:

You must follow all the companies you are interested in along with other companies, on all social media platforms. Companies often post the new job openings to their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages/accounts. In this way, you will remain well-aware of all the upcoming opportunities in your favorite companies.

Build Your Network:


Build up your network by following recruiters, individuals from the industry or company you are interested in, you can quickly do it on LinkedIn. Keep track of what they are sharing; they often share many job opportunities in their network. Also, connect with your family friends or peers who may be of any help to you in finding a job. Also, try to get more followers on your social profiles so that they get a good impression.

Share and Comment:

Sharing and commenting on content can enhance your chances to be considered. Share and comment on the stuff that urges recruiters to look at your profile. You have to attract recruiters to look at your profile so they can learn who you are.

Search Every day:

If you are enthusiastic to get a job right after you complete your degree, you have to search for the jobs on daily basis. Search every day on social media for the new job openings and apply for them. You don’t want to miss out any opportunity to get hired.

Final Words

Social media is an excellent tool for finding your first job, now a day’s social media is being used for everything. It isn’t just a place to socialize, but the much-credited companies share their updates about jobs. So, don’t miss out any important updates and follow the strategies given above to find your dream job.

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