Web Design & SEO Tips for 2018

web design and seo tips for 2018

Billions of people go online to search for just about anything you can imagine, which is why all companies need to have a presence online. However, what good is a website if nobody can find it? Search engine optimization can help your site get in front of your targeted market because it is designed to draw visitors to your site.

You have to engage with your visitors if your goal is to convert them into sales. By having an SEO focus on your site’s design, you will be on your way to achieving your goals. That being said, here are some useful tips to help:

Focus On Making Things Easy For Readers

Have you ever visited a website and quickly left because it is too difficult to navigate? How about clicking on a link only to be shown an error page? These things are annoying. Asides from SEO, you need to focus on user experience. Web design is all about user experience. If you’re serious about converting traffic to customers, then consider this:

  • Create easy to navigate pages
  • Make sure to include internal links (link to different pages from within your site)
  • External links should open in a new window
  • Call to action statements should be easily understood
  • Each web page shouldn’t be content heavy because people become easily distracted
  • Make sure your website is giving everything your readers want

Pay Attention To Visuals

These days, people retain visuals more than written text. If you want people to remember what you are offering, then focus on making sure your website is visually appealing. Most people leave sites that are text heavy. That said, consider the following:

  • Use images that don’t slow your website down
  • Don’t use popups, overuse ads or have music play automatically
  • Break up content by using boxes and colors
  • Your call-to-action statements should be bold.

If you want to boost your SEO efforts, then focus on your website’s visuals. This can lead to people spending more time on your site.

Use Fresh Info

If your website has content that is outdated and not valuable, then your visitors will exit your site fast. Eventually, you’ll lose traffic, and you will struggle to convert traffic into paying customers. Fresh content can help people solve issues that they are currently facing, and fresh content increases the chances of them becoming paying customers. Consider this:

  • Old content that is not valuable or no longer useful will eventually lead to your SEO rankings to fall
  • Content should be relevant to your industry and should be on-point
  • Fresh content tends to show up higher in the search engines results pages

Bear in mind that you don’t have to keep changing your content every single day. Generally speaking, doing it a few times per month should be enough.


mobile web design

Nowadays, mobile optimization is far more critical than it has ever been. If your website is mobile-friendly, then you’ll have a better chance of converting website visitors into paying customers. Consider this:

  • Searches via mobile are becoming more common
  • People who find websites via search results and are not able to load them will go to a different site, which can lead to SEO rankings to fall.
  • Users want to be able to quickly and easily find info on any device. Otherwise, they will find other sites that are mobile-friendly.

If you want to improve your rankings via web design, then make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Create Social Profiles

Everyone is using a mobile device which is not a secret. Asides from that, people are using social media. Just about everyone in the world is active on social media to a degree. You can create a social media page and direct traffic to your site from it. You might be surprised at how much traffic you can send to your website via social media. That being said, consider the following:

  • Plug-ins should be used to connect to various social media platforms, and they can be used to showcase your most recent posts as well as increase your page likes over time
  • For people to get to know you better, you should write an excerpt for your business or website
  • High-res images can impress people, so make sure you use them and don’t forget to include relevant titles.

Doing all of the above will help you grow your social media following and can help you connect with potential customers from around the country and the world.

If you want to improve your rankings in the search engines results pages, then keep the above website design tips for SEO in mind or contact our SEO Vancouver company. Remember, having a well-designed website and focusing on search engine optimization can go a long way.

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