SEO tips for websites affected by the recent Google updates

seo-graphicThe recent Google algorithm updates in April and May have affected the rankings for a number of websites which has left many website owners wondering what to do next in regards to search engine optimization. It’s now more important than ever to make sure the content on your website is high quality and you are adhering to Google’s standards.

Atlanta SEO Company Provides Tips for Ranking Your Website After Recent Google …

“Google rolled out an update to its search ranking algorithm in April called “Penguin,” which left many website owners and businesses confused and concerned. Atlanta SEO company, Everspark Interactive provides tips for ranking your website after the …”

In the search engine world, change is always a constant. Google reportedly makes changes to their algorithm over 500 times per year. It can be very difficult for a business owner to stay on top of these changes while focussing on their own business. If you find yourself in this position, contact a Search Engine Optimization company like Hurricane Web Design. We can take care of any algorithm changes that may affect the SEO on your website while you focus on what you do best.