7 ways to tell when a search engine optimization company is lying

7 search engine optimization liesNobody wants to call somebody else a liar. But, there are a number of things some SEO companies or freelancers will tell you that aren’t really the truth when it comes to getting your website to rank well in search engines. These include meta tags, search engine submissions, guaranteed search engine ranking (I just love how they claim they can guarantee this), that it’s highly technical, it will be inexpensive, the SEO company’s website doesn’t rank and cold calling. Have a look at the full list and descriptions from the link below.

7 SEO Lies: How to know when the SEO is lying

by Mark Aaron Murnahan – awebguy.com

I was taught that it is not nice to call somebody a liar, but if you hear these things from a search engine optimizer, there is a good chance they are lying to you. They are either lying about the facts, or lying that they know the job of SEO. In either case, it is unreliable information that can cost companies a lot of money and can have some disastrous results.

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I know I’ve said this before, but avoid all SEO companies that make guarantees about ranking in the first position. Nobody but Google can make such guarantee. One of these companies may get you to the first position, but it’s likely for a keyword phrase that isn’t searched for very often. Therefore, making it much easier to rank as there is little competition.

Although, I do somewhat disagree that cold calling and emailing about SEO is a lie. A lot of people don’t understand what search engine optimization is and how it can help their business. If a business doesn’t know what it is, why would they be searching for it. By cold calling and emailing potential clients, it gives us the opportunity to explain what it is and how it works. If you’d like to know more about SEO, give Hurricane Web Design a call at 604-477-1996 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to talk to an SEO specialist Vancouver.