When To Hire A PR Agencies For Your Fashion Brand



Every business owner is entirely responsible for what goes on in their business. This includes any designer either you are established or newcomers. For an emerging artist, your clientele is building up, you are getting known outside your locality, and you are taking more fashion weeks as well. At this moment you will always have the question of whether to find a PR for your company or just continue working on your own. To make a solid decision regarding hiring a PR representative, follow the below advice from the experts in the industry.

Robert Barrows who is the President of R.M Barrows, INC Advertising, and Public Relations.

According to Robert Barrows, it is not necessarily for an emerging designer to hire a PR agency as you may not be able to afford their services since your business is in the process of growth. Also, he stated that it may take a while before you utilize their services in your brand and therefore instead he advocated for an advertising agency as with such an agency you can have your name known yet within your stipulated budget. Therefore in other words according to Robert, it is not necessary for an emerging designer to hire a PR agency.

Tony Felice President of TFPR and Images Opinion.

According to Tony Felice, an emerging agency can hire for PR services, but they should consider hiring independent PR personnel instead of an agency as they can’t be able to afford it. With staff who have good industrial experience and great proven media contacts, you are safe and ready to go.

Emily Taffel Founder/CEO of Mugsy PR.

Emily stated that any brand requires a representative so as to ensure that they don’t miss on the editorial pieces, fashion events and also partnership opportunities. With a PR representative, you will also you have the chance to connect with industry influencers and other people who can lead you to the limelight. Therefore an emerging designer should consider hiring a PR agency so as to achieve these.

Alicia Sanchez, a Designer of Favela and Brander of the Fashion Designer Business Academy.

Alicia stated that if you are an already established designer brand, then you will not have problems getting a PR instead different PR agencies will be looking for you so as to work with you. Just make sure that you have a set budget for hiring a PR, so you don’t end up spending too much on this field. She put across that fashion is just like any other business and therefore should be handled as such.

Annette Szczepan a Publicist and Founder of Anetka StarrPR.

She said that many fashion companies are emerging all over the world and therefore the only way of getting your brand known is by finding a good publicist or agency to push your brand. These bodies will help you get noticed, established and also get connected to the right people. Therefore get a PR firm but do it wisely as well.


Follow the above experts’ advice to guide you in making decision regarding if you need a PR agency or not.

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