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One of Vancouver’s few distinct cultural historic neighbourhoods, Chinatown has a universal appeal to locals, tourists, as well as a growing number of emerging chefs, artists, and small business entrepreneurs. The distinct character of buildings are preserved by a heritage designation with murals and window art telling the stories of early Chinese pioneers. Today’s Chinatown is a destination neighbourhood attracting people from across British Columbia and also international tourists. With numerous new attractions and activities nearby, Chinatown is the most complete area with its growing number of renowned restaurants and boutique retail for every budget while honouring the memory of early settlers of our community.

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Granville Island

In the early 1900s, Granville Island was home to factories, plants and sawmills. Things are a little different today—Granville Island is both a locals’ favorite and a huge draw for visitors. Technically a sandspit and not an island, the neighbourhood sits just south of the downtown peninsula, right under the Granville Bridge. The Granville Island Public Market acts as a hub of activity, but it’s also one of the city’s most important cultural districts with theatres, artisan workshops and craft studios.

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Commercial Drive

Commercial Drive is the perfect antidote to the sheen and bustle of downtown Vancouver. You won’t find many franchises nor all too many tourists along this east-side strip and its offshoot streets, and there’s nary a glass tower nor souped-up Lamborghini in sight. Instead, there are humble street-level boutiques, lively cafés, patios and pubs, and a pervasive artsy, counter-cultural vibe. Add to the mix some fantastic Italian restaurants, delis and gelato shops (the neighbourhood is also known as Vancouver’s Little Italy)—along with every other type of world cuisine imaginable—and you have a recipe for a mellow day of strolling, shopping, sipping and savouring in one of the city’s unique, up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

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