Mobile App Development: Is It a Profitable Affair?

Any industry’s success currently depends hugely on Mobile marketing and mobile app development. A whole lot of personal services including banking, advertising, payment, etc. have today become mobile. The introduction and growing popularity of several kinds of mobile devices and the advent of the all-new mobile operating systems have led automatically to the emergence of more and more app developers for mobile devices. In this context, you must know that the mobile apps are more advantageous as compared to the mobile websites since they are targeting the concerned consumer directly. Many of you are wondering what would be the cost of developing a good mobile app, and is it a profitable business?

It is not a secret that mobile app development right from scratch could be pretty challenging. The developer must take into account all the basics about specific smartphones or OS which he is coming up with for understanding the precise manner in which the OS or the smartphones works and go about developing apps for it. This issue could get quite complicated in the event of cross-platform formality that would be involving the creation of compatibility for several devices and also operating systems. App development companies in Mumbai could be of great help and offer professional assistance.


Mobile App Categories

Mobile apps belong to two broad categories: the mobile apps that are created solely for generating income and mobile apps which are developed precisely for app branding and marketing purposes. In the first type of mobile apps, the profit is acquired directly as well as indirectly from app sales and in-app ads and subscriptions. The top instances of this are nothing but the modern gaming apps, like the Android’s Angry Birds. Many companies would end up making quite a lot of profits from app development. Moreover, apps generated purely for branding or marketing are today available completely free of charge. The app would be merely acting as a marketing network.

Cost as Opposed to Profit

There exists no real standard cost associated with app development. The cost of developing a mobile app could be more than $25,000 for designing, developing and deploying a reliable iPhone app. The Android OS is supposed to be highly fragmented hence, increase in costs. All this expenditure and effort is worthwhile provided you are anticipating a good return on investment. Huge retail outlets that have a substantial capital and far too many consumers and banks achieve very high ROI. This, however, may not prove to be that profitable for an entrepreneur or freelancer whose budget is pretty


Ultimately, you must realise that mobile app development is certainly much more than merely the cost involved in the development and the profits accrued. If your intention is only to mint money from your mobile app and then generating profits, you must consider all the above-discussed points. You must also determine the app development process.

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