5 Killer Marketing Ideas for Tech Companies

Undoubtedly, the advancements in technology have changed the world of marketing completely. Unlike yesterday, marketing and advertisements today are not just limited to billboards and a few TV commercials. Companies today are introducing virtual reality mobile apps to 3D ads to fascinate their customers and keep them engaged. When every company is taking the help of technology to boost their marketing strategy, the tech companies are being expected to come up with more creative and technical initiatives to market and promote their products and services.

If you too are experiencing the crushing pressure of developing innovative technological ideas for marketing, here are some killer ideas to help you out.

Video Content

Over time it has become apparent that videos tend to be more captivating and thrilling than text or images. They provide a more personal insight into the company and their products. This is the reason why several companies hire young social enthusiasts to start vlogs or YouTube series. It has been observed that such series tend to make customers for a longer period. For more episodes of the series, they subscribe to your channel.

Along with making videos, it is also recommended to promote on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. On Snapchat, you can create stories for each day. The same option is also available for the Instagram story.

Face Recognition

Influencing clients emotionally is a quick yet efficient way to win more followers. Spreading happiness and love has always been one of the most efficient ways of attracting new customers. Recently, Unilever started a happiness campaign in which vending machines were used to recognize people’s smiling faces and give them free giveaways. This idea was highly appreciated by people around who took a special interest in the products. This way introduced their product while influencing them emotionally.

Face recognition is just an idea that can be used with any other marketing technique to create brand awareness and introduce a new product or service in the market.

Targeted Advertising

Highly specific advertisement sometimes referred to as hyper-targeting is another blooming technique in the market. While surfing the internet, people leave a digital footprint that tells a lot about their interests and searching style. On getting a hand on this data, companies can make highly specific ads. As per their taste, style, and preferences to make their products fit their requirements fully. There is a Technology marketing agency in London that specializes in Targeted Advertising.

Improving your rank on SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a potential way to improve your site’s ranking on search engines and thus win more clients. To improve your position, it is essential to start and maintain a blog on a daily basis. You must upload content on your site that is sufficiently rich with substantial keywords that are searched more frequently.

You can write detailed guides, reviews about your products, helpful tips, etc. to keep your readers engaged. If any of your articles perform extraordinarily, i.e., it has more reach than usual, you can also approach a freelance SEO to help you with ranking your website.

Setting a specific budget

Whether you are a tech company or not, to progress regarding your marketing strategies, it is important to set a fixed budget for all your marketing activities. Most companies want their marketing department to stand out, but they usually fail to assign it a specific budget which is why it fails to achieve its goal. It is thus imperative for entrepreneurs to understand that like any other department in the company, marketing to requires proper funding.


Qurban is a freelance writer who offers to blog, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works in close collaboration with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility. He’s currently working for Vibbi.com, which provides quality Instagram followers, likes, and views.


Outsourcing Your Calls Will Free Your Hands to Make More Money


What’s the most fun thing about being a business owner? The chances are good that you will reply, “Making money!” It’s not hard to see why this should be the case. Being your own boss and being able to write your own check is an excellent advantage to have over the rest of the world. But wouldn’t you like to be able to make even more money? The best way to do so is to get rid of some of the annoying inconveniences that keep your hands tied when you could be focusing on more critical tasks. One of the worst of these is the endless customer calls that come in over your lines all day.

  1. Is There a Way to Gently and Politely Get Rid of Annoying Calls?
  2. Chewing the Fat Too Long Can Take a Big Bite Out of Your Profits
  3. Not Every Business Owner is Also a Born Customer Service Pro
  4. You Can Outsource Your Customer Calls Today


Is There a Way to Gently and Politely Get Rid of Annoying Calls?

If you don’t know what call center plus services can do for you, it’s time you got up to speed. This is the valuable third-party outsourcing service that can take over all of your incoming customer calls so that you no longer have to deal with them. This is the best news that a business owner can receive, especially if they are the sole owner and proprietor of that business. Even if you have employees who usually handle such calls, it’s fair to say that they are probably glad of the chance to get off the phone and handle other tasks besides listening to endless questions and complaints.

Chewing the Fat Too Long Can Take a Big Bite Out of Your Profits

earfulIt’s nice to get away from your desktop for a moment. One of the best excuses to do so is to take charge of an incoming phone call from a customer. However, if you let your ear get chewed for too long, you may start to notice that such distractions and delays are beginning to take a significant bite out of your monthly profits. When this becomes a very real concern, it’s time to nip it in the bud. The best way to do so is to arrange for a reputable and reliable third-party service to come in and take over these calls so that you can get on with other essential tasks behind the scenes.

Not Every Business Owner is Also a Born Customer Service Pro

Another important fact to keep in mind is that not every business owner is also a pro when it comes to handling customer calls. If you get annoyed or distracted after more than a few minutes on the phone, it’s probably a good idea to give such duties over to a qualified customer service pro whose job it is to calm down cranky or unreasonable customers. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen to their complaints, after which they can settle down and act reasonably. But if you don’t have the time to listen, it’s best to give the job to someone who does.

You Can Outsource Your Customer Calls Today


There is no better time than today to guarantee prompt and courteous attention to all of your valuable customers and their urgent calls. You can outsource your customer calls to a third-party service provider that will be more than glad to take them off your hands.


compoments of successful email marketing campaign featured image

What Are The Key Components of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

compoments of successful email marketing campaign featured imageLet’s just start with a few numbers that will blow your mind. Jay Harper sent out a couple of emails to his contact list and made $10,895.54 from it for Red Apple Lipstick. Similarly, a web designer named Nathan Barry made about $12,000 in sales in the first 24 hours of an eBook launch. In the first year, his email campaign brought them over $85,000. Almost 92% of all online businesses have confessed that email has been producing positive returns for them.

Why are email marketing campaigns effective for every business?

Everyone who uses a computer and the internet has sent at least one email in their lifetime. Firstly, research shows that over 83% of all online marketers are not utilizing email marketing simply because they do not have the technology or workforce to track and measure the metrics following the campaign. Secondly, 91% of all US adults like receiving promotional offers from businesses via email.

Email marketing is easy, efficient and economical. Even if you own a new company that is starting from scratch with a bucket-load of debt, you can easily make money by sending a few emails.

How to ace your email marketing campaign?

Well, irrespective of your business finances and understanding debt program’s details, you can move ahead with an email marketing campaign. It does not involve a lot of cash, and it does not involve a lot of labor either if you have the right software doing the job for you.

email marketing

Are you mobile?

It is the first question any digital marketing expert will ask you the moment you approach them for economic marketing solutions. Not a lot of companies and businesses are online at the moment. In fact, a few of the most well-known companies in the USA are not yet fully mobile. They may have AMPs and responsive website content, yet they lack native applications. More people are shopping from mobile devices right now than people buying at the store or from desktops.

You need emails for mobile as well. Responsive emails are a thing now, and you need them to reach to your potential customers. Recent research shows that recipients immediately delete emails that are non-responsive to their mobile screen. In fact, if you are not yet mobile, you may be losing close to 61% of all potential shoppers. 40% of them are likely to go to your competitor sites if they are mobile optimized.

Use a reputed service

MailChimp is a great option for both beginners and pros. They even offer unique segregation methods for the users. You can segregate according to signup date, purchase history, demographics, behavioral history and geographic location. Getting the premium deal with MailChimp is like winning the email-marketing lottery for all entrepreneurs. The service is reliable, affordable and easy to use.

You can experiment around, try new segmentations and customize your messages for each recipient group. Follow up with tools that detect recipient behavior. Following the recipient metrics is crucial for all email marketers, irrespective of their niche and production size.

What’s your subject line?

Once Marketing Experiments ran an A/B test on subject lines, and they found that they were able to increase their CTR by a whopping 125% by simply testing their subject lines. Now, testing for a subject line may seem like a slop-job. Something unsophisticated and unnecessary. However, the metrics from the history of email marketing campaigns teach us better.

You will find endless studies on crafting the perfect subject line for invoking customer curiosity. There are all kinds of findings. You will find long ones, short ones, ones that involve numbers and special symbols. We have discovered that personal and interrogative subject lines work best for solution companies and services. Mentioning a part of the offer works best for most seller/retail stores online. However, there is no one perfect line. What works for other sellers, might not work for you. Run your own A/B test and find out which one does.

Is your provider delivering?

Undelivered emails equal unattained profit. If you are a big business, you may be losing out millions. If you are a small business, you are losing out on precious potential customers. You cannot leave those “undelivered” emails and move on with your next project.

Sometimes, all you need is a better provider. Almost 12% of total emails never reach their correct recipient; they simply go missing. About 7% of global emails end up in spam folders. That is why you need email tracking tools, which can tell you about the immediate fate of each email you are sending out, using your email marketing service right now.

It is also the difference between getting a reputable service provider and a cheap new one. Most global service providers work day and night to whitelist your ISPs. They make sure that your email IDs remain in the clear. Getting whitelisted is one of the best ways to ensure email delivery to the relevant recipients on time.

Follow up

Only sending emails and forgetting all about them is not enough. You need to follow up with further emails. A good service provider will always offer you an option to create the autoresponder sequence. Seize the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business. Include visual elements to create a stronger impact. Product photos and offer images are not a bad idea. Be as detailed as possible since most of your target customers will open marketing emails in their leisure time. Keep the language crisp and the content straight forward.

The content of the email will vary depending upon your business status and motive. While some companies like to go to pitching directly, others like to be more formal with the introduction. You can get many ideas online and check out more A/B testing on the subject of emails that work for new businesses in 2017.

simon morrisSimon Morris is an experienced and skilled Business consultant and financial advisor in the USA. He helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During his spare time he loves to write on business, finance, marketing, and social media. He loves to share his knowledge and expert tips with his readers.

Email marketing solutions for your business debts featured image

Deploy Effective Email Marketing Solutions For Your Business Debts!

Email marketing solutions for your business debts featured image
Business debts take a toll on the functions and the operations of your company. However, the sooner you eliminate them, the better! There are several ways via which you can realise business debts, and one of the most efficient ways is via email marketing!

Understanding email marketing and business debts

Emails have become an integral part of the business world today. In fact, they have replaced traditional communication in offices across the globe. They are faster and convenient. Email marketing has developed to spread awareness and education to customers. It also is used for recovering business debts as well. For the email marketing campaign to be successful, it is crucial for you to ensure that the language and the choice of words are appropriate for you to collect pending debts.

Be familiar with the basics

When it comes to email marketing for recovering debts, you need to be familiar with the basics. You have to create a collection strategy that helps you to realise the amount pending from defaulters. A key message needs to be developed and sent out to people. The emails are sent automatically to them so that the message reaches their inbox. You also can create a unique set of messages for collection and use the ones that are appropriate for each case.

It is crucial for you to be unique in your approach and ensure that you receive alerts when the client pays back the pending debts. The biggest advantage of email marketing for debt recovery is that it is cost effective. It saves you the time and money from making individual collection calls. Secondly, it also helps you to send some emails to defaulters at a single click. It spreads awareness of the nature of the debts pending and helps you get an account of the amount due from a single source.

How do emails help you in debt collection?

Email marketing also helps you to collect the debts that are pending from clients in a way that is non-intimidating. You can get free reports when it comes to the collection status. You also can offer online payment options in your email so that people get a link to give you back the money. In fact, if you are a collection agency you can also share tips and other articles when it comes to email marketing and the collection of pending debts. These are ways via which you can get your money back. Sometimes debtors forget they owe you money and so an email is an effective and polite way of reminding them. There is no need for you to go harsh with them in the first instance. You can subtly ask them for your money back. Most of the time the online payment options will help you realise your money faster with just a simple email.

Scheduled emails are sent to people at regular intervals

When it comes to email marketing for debt collection, it is important for you to ensure that they are sent to the debtor at regular intervals till the money is not realised. With the aid of email marketing, you can schedule these emails at regular intervals automatically. You do not have to resort to manual means and remember when to send them to debtors.

email on a mobile phone

Business debt consolidation – awareness and education

Esteemed company Nationaldebtrelief.com says that when it comes to business debts, some debtors look for remedies in the form of business debt consolidation. This means that all their pending debts are clubbed together under a single umbrella. These debts can be paid off in reduced instalments over a passage of time. Email marketing also helps businesses and collection agencies spread awareness on business debt consolidation. They help people to get back their money in an organised and consistent manner.
Improve the success rates of debt collection with email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have improved the success rates of debt collection online. They can establish active communication and trust. Moreover, most debtors are often offended by the intimidating calls that are made by collection and debt agencies. You can get back your money with the aid of simple reminders that are sent at regular intervals to the clients that owe you money.

Focus on a targeted audience for debt collection

The biggest advantage of email marketing is that it is focused on a targeted audience. The costs are just a fraction of the traditional communication costs that you incur when you send out these emails to a large group of people. With email marketing, you can create deeper relationships as the written communication will have a message that is to the point with instructions as to payment options and mode. With email marketing, you can control the people who see and read the email. This means you have no fears of it falling into the wrong hands. The recipient of the email will also receive information as to the mode of payment options from a single source. There are no print costs or advertising costs for both parties to be borne and this is what makes it very attractive and affordable.

Email marketing provides you with affordable solutions

Business debts are a liability for every company, however, with the affordable solutions for email marketing, you can remind and ask your clients to pay you the money on time. Even if you are a small business, you can reap the benefits of email marketing for your company. Deploy experts from good SEO companies to help and guide you. However, when it comes to email marketing, ensure that you have the right email strategy and advisor to plan it actually for you. This takes time, and a customized plan should be devised for success.

Take time to research well. Choose a company that has proven track records and positive reviews. Business debts can be realized, and they do not have to be a liability on your business forever!

Walter MooreWalter Moore has worked as a social media strategist in the SEO industry for seven years. He has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to social media marketing, including gaining visibility by leveraging followers for Instagram.


Eliminate Your Fear and Doubt About Twitter


Twitter is renowned for its ability to deliver breaking news, witty commentaries, and simply anything that is taking over the world. Moreover, it is also a good venue for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) to showcase their respective brands. A recent study shows that Twitter users engage more (6.9 times) in online shopping than non-users (4.3 times a month).

The good news is that 69% of Twitter users who are also online shoppers buy from SMBs. This goes to show that the said social media channel helps in increasing sales. We all know that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram rise to fame and become the powerhouses of digital marketing. So, how does Twitter keep up with its keen competitors?

If the above-mentioned information is still insufficient, here are more points to dispel your fear and doubt about Twitter:

  • Open the nearest laptop or mobile phone that you have with Wi-Fi connection

  • Go to http://twitter.com

  • Click ‘Sign Up’ and fill out the necessary information

  • Go write your first tweet

…because really, your business can benefit in various ways from this social media channel. Here are ways on how to kick-start online marketing for your brand:

Target a wider range of audience

Twitter caters to people who love messaging, hence the limitation in characters. As time revolves, users tend to consult Twitter to get updated on the latest happenings, may it be local or international. Twitter follower service enables you to meet prospect clients!

This social media platform also houses explosive breaking news! It is best to get back-to-back to such important news because you might attract those attentive eyes lurking on Twitter! Exposing your brand or service to a wider range of audience increases the possibility of getting new clients.


Do not be daunted by the 140-character limit

According to William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White, “When a sentence is made stronger, it usually becomes shorter. Thus, brevity is the by-product of vigor.” Writing in a concise manner will give your readers a breakthrough because they can easily grasp the entirety of your content in a short period of time.

If you have to convey a message longer than 140 characters, you can go write a blog and link it on your Twitter. Alternatively, you can curate a thread of tweets by simply clicking the ‘reply’ button on your first tweet. In this way, other users can track your series of tweets chronologically. It is a good way to relay longer posts if necessary. Gain real Twitter followers free by defying the character limit by curating witty posts!

Use creative hashtags

One of Twitter’s breakthrough is the curation and popularity that hashtags achieved. Hashtags or HTs have been truly revolutionary as it functions as a sort of hyperlink that can redirect you to a pool of similar and shared interests online.

HTs also give birth to the term ‘trending’ in an online context. A certain HT becomes trending when they reach a certain number or sometimes a whopping number of tweets that reach millions! It is important to come up with creative HTs that talk about your business. This way, you can gain thousands of Twitter followers and people will remember you easily.


How do your business benefit from Twitter?

As mentioned earlier, real Twitter followers also make up the huge chunk of online shoppers. So, using Twitter as a channel to reach those people will lead to an increase in sales and profit. If you have the knack of presenting your business in a creative manner, you will surely capture the attention of real Twitter followers.

Aside from the boost in sales, your brand or business will have a wider reach and scope as compared to a conventional business. You transcend the physical shops when you engage online actively. Using Twitter as a venue for this venture will surely bear your business more profit. Do not let fear and doubt hinder the full potential of your business. Let Twitter help you reach greater heights!

sheena-mathiesonSheena Mathieson understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

add more authority to writing

5 Ways to Add More Authority To Your Writing

In today’s blog post we have Dave Schneider of NinjaOutreach telling us about 5 ways to add more authority to your writing. He provides some great tips on how you can do it to increase trust in your content and even grow your business.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but nobody is writing for people not to believe them, right?

We all want to write with authority.

The more we write with authority, the more people trust us.

The more people trust us, the more value our writing has, because more people will take action as they read it.

And, from a business perspective, the more that people trust us, the more they are inclined to buy from us.

As such, there are in innumerable number of reasons to want to add authority to our writing.

So how do we do it?

Do we use bigger words so that we can sound smarter?

Perhaps that might work for some audiences, but in most cases people turn to blogs as opposed to books because they tend to be more to the point and digestible.

While I would not advise using bigger words in your writing just for the sake of it, I do have a few tactics that you can start using today to improve the authority of your writing.

Reference Data

Did you know that 93% of blog posts do not reference any data?

Okay, that was a made up statistic.

Had it been true though it would have been a lot more compelling than saying something to the effect of “most blog posts do not reference any data”.

The fact of the matter is that finding and referencing data is easier than ever before.

Simply think of a statistic that would support your point, Google it, find a relevant article, and reference it in your post by linking to.

It’s that simple.

For example, in a recent post I wrote about why most blogs don’t make any money, I might start off with the following references.

A blog is born every half a second.

And yet 81% of blogs never make more than $100.

Instead of just saying most laws don’t make any money, I have data which shows just how many blogs as well as how few of them are making any money at all.

Cite An Expert

An expert is like a living data point.

Although they may not be able to provide you with something like 53% of blog posts are over 1000 words, they will provide you with a compelling opinion on a topic.

An extreme example of this is a round of post, for example here’s one that I wrote called 39 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their First EVER Sale.

In this post I cited 39 experts to get an understanding of how they made them for sale online.

But a much simpler way might be to just grab a few quotes or even a tweet from another individual.

Not only does it further validate your argument, but it also shows your audience that you put in effort to do actual research for your post.

Lastly, don’t restrict a reference simply to your blog post, as they have a place everywhere. A perfect example of this is on the homepage of BackLinko, where Brian cites Neil Patel from QuickSprout

doubled my traffic in 2 weeks

If you’re struggling to build relationships with influencers, try these 5 unconventional influencer marketing methods.

Incorporate Awesome Design

One of the core things that I believe is lacking from most blogs is awesome design.

Honestly, I get it.

Firstly most of us do not have the web design skills to really put together an amazing image to accompany our article.

And even if we did, who has the time.

The alternative is to hire a designer, but that can be expensive, even if it is outsourced.

And again, who has the time to think ahead and get images in advance of writing an article!

But the truth is that blogs that have awesome design immediately convey a sense of authority.

55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website.

Now, in those 15 seconds do we think that people are spending a lot of time reading or looking?

My guess is that most of those people are simply looking around, deciding whether or not the blog/website conveys enough authority to make it worth reading.

After all, anyone who has been blogging for some time can spot a custom image, and we know how much work that requires.

Just look at Brian’s blog BackLinko, every post is filled with custom images:

how to rank for any keyword

And yes, I realize I’ve already referenced him twice in this article, but the fact is the man has awesome design.

And you should too.

Here are some places to implement custom images:

And the great thing about design is that you can use it over and over.

For example, on NinjaOutreach, our blogger average software, we have this banner that we use for giveaways.

ninja outreach giveaway

We are trying to run giveaways once a month, and now we have an awesome looking banner to do so.

The lesson here is that if you are struggling to improve the design of your blog, start with the things that will benefit you for a long time and which rarely change.

Make Yourself A Case Study

Depending on your niche that can be quite a lot of fake it until you make it.

Basically, a lot of people who like to talk the talk, but are they really walking the walk?

I’ve certainly had my suspicion over the years of people who are writing about things they knew very little about. For example, people in the make money online niche, who actually don’t make any money online at all (or at best do so by telling other people how to do it).

To this day, this is still a problem in many niches.

One way to overcome this is through a live case study.

This is where you make a public announcement to your audience that you will be undertaking a project, and then you revealed the results to them live as they happen.

An example is Jon Haver’s Authority Website Case Study.

And even if you don’t want it to be live, you can still write about something that took place, and simply provide the data as you have it.

Either way, you’ll will be placing yourself well above all the other people who are not practicing what they preach.

Increase The Length Of Your Articles

This is probably going to sound very gimmicky, much like when I said you should use bigger words.

But it’s not meant to be.

In my personal experience, the articles that I see which tend to do the best are very long and in-depth.

It is just very difficult to put together a very authoritative in research article in a few hundred words.

That might be different if you are simply telling a story or providing some sort of opinion and you are not intending to write a strong authority piece.

But more often than not, your article should be in-depth.

And for those people who don’t believe this, we have another data backed article

SerpIQ studied search results rank based on content length. Here’s what they found:

average content length of top 10 results

The higher the Google SERP position, the more content the page has. Notice that every one of these first page results has content exceeding 2,000 words.


Anyone can start a blog, there are no barriers to entry.

But authority is something that you have to earn.

And honestly, that is a good thing, because the rewards of having authority are tremendous.

Dave SchneiderDavid Schneider is the Content Director at NinjaOutreach an all in one Influencer Outreach software for marketers. He blogs about business at SelfMadeBusinessman. You can also find him on twitter @ninjaoutreach

(Update – Dave no longer runs these websites, but can be found at lesschurn.io and daveschneider.me)