Domain Registry of Canada is a Rip-off

A few times a year we receive a domain name expiration notice from the Domain Registry of Canada. Our web design clients have received these notices as well. The Domain Registry of Canada is very good at making their notices look as though they are the ones managing ours’ or our clients’ domain names. They […]

Website Makeovers

A lot of website owners make the common mistake of believing their website is done following the design of their new website or the redesign (makeover) of their current website. Websites are never done. They are only abandoned. Whenever a website owner (whether it be a business, association, charity, etc.) makes the decision to create […]

Design by committee

It’s so easy to tell when a design has been put through a committee instead of having one person in charge of a design. In all of my experience of designing by committee, the focus seems to get lost. Everybody feels they have to have input and a piece of the design. Let’s face it, […]